Remediation of a Large Mold Colony

Project Synopsis and Certification

Address: 17718 B Road, DELTA, CO

Project synopsis: Due to a lack of air circulation (no air vents) in the crawlspace beneath the home located at 17718 B Road, Delta, CO, along with no existing moisture barrier, an extremely large mold colony existed under the house (see photos below).

Project Synopsis and Certification

From 5/21/2017 to 5/25/2017 Restoration 1:

  • Created Containment areas to isolate bedrooms and prevent spores from spreading into other areas of home during project.
  • Utilized HEPA Air Scrubber machine to purify air and remove any spores from air that may have been knocked loose during activity from project.
  • Created a moisture barrier by laying 6 mil plastic sheeting wall to wall in the crawlspace.
  • Mitigated existing mold by spraying with disodium hydroxide concentrate, this product not only kills mold and mold spores but makes the surface it is sprayed upon hostile to mold re-colonizing the area. It also comes with a 3-year guarantee that mold will not return to the treated areas. The di-sodium hydroxide product has been recommended as the top mold sanitizing treatment by the IRI (International Restoration Institute and IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). This mix kills mold and mold spores.
This plant specimen was also living in the crawlspace. It is a hybrid of mold ans salt formed from the high salinity of the soil that exists in this area of CO.

Plant Specimen

  • At times, after Mitigation has taken place, the mold will be dead but stains will remain on a wood surface that has been Remediated (mold stain). We recommend applying a coat of Killz or wood stain to improve the appearance of the wood.

Mold Mitigation

  • After spraying the mold, areas were scraped clean of mold growth and wiped down with fiber cloths treated in disodium hydroxide concentrate.
  • Formerly infected areas were then painted with Killz oil based latex primer to improve the appearance of mold stained wood.

Mold Stained Wood

  • The Mold Remediation Technicians placed all contaminated materials (clean suits, respirators, scrapers, brushes, sprayers, paint containers) in 6 mil plastic bags. These bags were then placed in another 6 mil bag to prevent any possibility of spores spreading to the living area when materials were taken out of home. The home is now free of live spores and safe for habitation.
  • After completing this Mold Remediation Project, it is my professional opinion, as an IRI and IICRC Certified Water, Mold, Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician, that the residence located at 17718 B Road, Delta, CO is currently mold free and safe for habitation.


Water, Mold, Fire and Smoke Restoration

Recommendation: We strongly suggest that crawlspace vents be installed in this home at the earliest possible opportunity. It is recommended that at least 4 be installed with one on each of the 4 sides of the home. Without the installation of venting the risk that mold will re-populate in the crawlspace of this home within 2 years is very high….if venting is installed the risk of re-population will be minimal. Mold and mold spores need a source of moisture and a fairly constant temperature (between 60 and 90 degrees F).