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roof leak

How Do I Know If My Roof is Leaking?

  Depending on the type of roof covering of your home, it’s best to have routine roof maintenance done at least once a year. However, while maintenance can prevent regular…

basement flood

5 Tips for Preventing a Basement Flood

  A basement flood can cause damage to your possessions while threatening the structural integrity of your home. Even with the proper precautions to waterproof your home from the usual…

How To Stop Mold And Microbial Growth After Your Home Floods

Mold Detection Tips: What To Look For in Your Home

  Mold is a common problem plaguing homeowners, no matter the age and size of their houses. Unfortunately, it is a danger for homeowners and anyone who resides with them….

storm clean up

Storm Preparation for Suffolk County Properties

  Situated in the easternmost part of New York, Suffolk County has over a thousand miles of coastline. What this means for residents is that storms and the risk of…

fire damage restoration

Fire Prevention Tips: How to Prepare Your Home

  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports that about 1.3 million fire-related incidents happen yearly in the United States, resulting in $14.8 billion in losses and fire damage restoration…

water mitigation

Hidden Water Leaks: What Are the Common Signs

  Whether you run a household or a business, water is essential to your day-to-day activities. However, it can also be the source of your stress if it leaks or…

water clean up

What Are The Common Places Water Damage Occurs in a Restaurant?

  Finding water damage in your restaurant can be a stressful experience. You’ll need to accommodate the repair schedule, which may interrupt your business hours. Mold is a known side-effect…

fire damage restoration

What to Do If Your Commercial Property Sustains Fire Damage

  Experiencing a fire in your commercial property is never pleasant nor anticipated. When faced with the damage caused by a fire, it can be difficult to know where to…

water heater

What to Do When Your Water Heater Breaks

  Leaking water inside your home is stressful for homeowners everywhere, no matter the circumstances. It can be even more so if it’s because of a leaky water heater. It’s…

water clean up

Leaking Appliance? Protect Yourself From Severe Water Cleanup in Suffolk County

  When preparing for emergencies that can cause household water damage, heavy rains, floods, and overflowing toilets may be the first things to come to your mind. However, it pays…

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