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Wind and Hail Safety Guide

Wind and Hail Safety Guide

Before the storm

  • Bring all family members and pets indoors and park all vehicles inside garages or under car ports.
  • Keep your eye out for the signs of heavy thunderstorms, such as lightening, darkening clouds, thunder and heavy rain.
  • Move any outdoor furniture into a garage or storage shed to prevent damage to them or to your caused by high winds moving furniture.
  • Monitor radios, television or mobile devices for news and information on the impending storms.

During the storm

  • Close all of your doors and windows.
  • Lower blinds or curtains over windows to prevent debris or heavy hail from entering your home through broken glass.
  • Stay away from windows and door to keep safe from the threat of broken glass, hail or debris.

After the storm

  • After a particularly bad storm, be mindful of down power lines or broken glass.
  • If you come across a wire, and are unsure of whether it’s live or not, always assume it’s live.
  • Be mindful of fault gas lines.
  • If hail fall is especially heavy, the ground will be slick and hazardous, mind your footing.
  • Look over your home and property for debris, such as broken tree limbs or lawn furniture.
  • Avoid any hazardous debris you may come across, leave this to the professionals.

Restoration 1 of Mid Cities hopes that the safety tips above help keep you, your family, and your property unharmed in the case of severe weather and hail storms.

Safety Tip Source: Ready.gov


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