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Our Work to be Miami’s Best Restoration Company

For over 10 years, Restoration 1 has been providing top-notch services to families in need in the United States. Our top priority is offering turnkey services to families and individuals who have been affected by property damage. This includes:

  • Restoration 1 discussing and negotiating estimates with your insurance carrier, making it so you don’t have to
  • Presenting extremely detail oriented and engineered plans for your restoration
  • Making an inventory of all items damaged within your home
  • Packing the contents of your home, storing them and returning them once the restoration is complete

We do this all by hiring the most trustworthy employees we can find from all across the United States. Restoration 1 does NOT sub-contract any jobs whatsoever. Our service technicians are employees that have been screened and hired by us personally. By doing this, we are able to completely control how your restoration is done and that it’s done correctly.

  • Free consultation for Water Damage Repair in Miami
  • Free Consultation For Flood Damage Restoration in Miami
  • Free Consultation for Fire Damage Repair in Miami
  • Free Consultation for Smoke Damage Removal in Miami
  • Award-winning service
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Restore Your Property With Restoration 1

Why Choose Restoration 1?

  • Restoration 1

    "But after Restoration 1 did their job, my kitchen looked like new again. I was so relieved"

    - Wanda

  • Restoration 1

    "Great service is what I got."

    - Michael

  • Restoration 1

    "Absolute best contractors we have ever hired."

    - Maureen M.

  • Restoration 1

    "My air vents are clean and my son is healthy."

    - Shawn

  • Restoration 1

    "They are the utmost professionals and the only company I’d recommend to my friends and family."

    - Celina

  • Restoration 1

    "They got rid of that gunk so thoroughly and quick it made my head spin."

    - Frank

  • Restoration 1

    "I think these guys are the best."

    - Jake M.

  • Restoration 1

    "I’d recommend Restoration 1 to anybody!"

    - Dave

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