Water Damage Restoration Kansas City


Winter seasons are often associated with the festive holiday season, family affairs, and shoppers clamoring to stores for last-minute gifts. However, for many businesses in Kansas City, it can mean extremely low temperatures, snow, and sleet to take care of regularly, and taking the necessary steps to stay open no matter what nature throws at you. 


What should a business owner look for when preparing their business for the winter months? With slippery sidewalks and the risk of frozen pipes within the next few months, it’s important to know what to prepare for. Here are some areas you should start to check from your last-minute winter preparations.


Check Your Roof


Your roof is one of your first lines of defense against the external elements that can affect your indoor spaces. It can be subject to damage from snow storms, sleet, heavy loads of snow on your roof, and more. That’s why it’s best to get your roof checked before snowfall hits your area. 


Left unchecked, your roof may have holes and cracks that leave it susceptible to water leaks. When the snow melts, it could lead to water damage along your ceiling or walls, which could require water damage restoration in Kansas City. Your roof may also be susceptible to ice dams and heavy snow loads, which can accumulate and cause either permanent roof damage or collapse your roof entirely.


Maintain Your Parking Lot, Sidewalk, and Outdoor Walkways


If you have any of these on your premises, consider taking steps to keep you, your team, and your customers safe. Every year, millions of individuals experience slip-and-fall accidents because of snow and ice on the ground. While most cases only result in minor bruising, there’s also the risk of head, neck, back, and joint injuries. There are also potential grounds for a personal injury lawsuit if you don’t take steps to keep your outdoor spaces safe. 


It’s recommended to enlist professionals to clear snow and ice regularly, especially in high-traffic areas. Salting your premises can make it difficult for ice formation. Investing in non-slip mats for walkways, sidewalks, and entryways can also reduce the risks.


Protect Your Plumbing


Under cold temperatures, your pipes could freeze. This could lead to extreme damage as the water inside freezes and expands. Most residential and commercial properties prevent this by using heating or – in places like attics and crawl spaces – using effective insulation so that pipes within the building don’t freeze over. For outdoor water fixtures, you can take steps to drain them to prevent freezing expansion. 


For an added layer of protection for your pipes, it helps to keep your water constantly running, even just a little bit. This ensures your water is always flowing and less likely to freeze over. If your establishment doesn’t use water that often, consider leaving the water running slightly during extremely low temperatures. It could add to your water bill, but it prevents the risk of needing frozen pipe repair in Kansas City over the winter.


In Case of Commercial Property Damage, Let Restoration 1 Handle Your Water Damage Restoration and Frozen Pipe Repair in Kansas City


Taking steps to prepare your business for the upcoming winter months can ensure everyone is safe and there are no incidents that can affect your operations. In case your building shows signs of serious damage from the winter season, you can leave your property in the reliable hands of Restoration 1. 


Our team of licensed technicians are well-trained and well-equipped to handle water damage restoration in Kansas City and other restoration services that ensure your property is safe to use over the winter season. 

For restoration and emergency services, get in touch with Restoration 1.