Overview of Hurricane Dorian

What is now known as Hurricane Dorian was once a tropical storm that appeared in the Central Atlantic on August 24. Since then, Dorian grew in size to rapidly become a Category 5 hurricane with sustained wind speeds of up to 185 mph. On September 1, Dorian made landfall on Grand Bahama and began to wreak havoc on the islands. There were reports of widespread flooding, power outages, and numerous reported cases of injuries and deaths.

It wasn’t long after that Hurricane Dorian turned its attention to the U.S. East Coast, specifically Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina. By now, the storm had weakened. However, storm surges, flooding, power outages, sustained high wind speeds, and tornadoes were reported throughout the affected states. Widespread damage and evacuations were commonplace.

Here at Restoration 1, we have locations in all three states, with many more along the eastern seaboard, and are actively preparing to help our communities. We strive to provide the best storm damage restoration possible after Hurricane Dorian.
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Major Cities Impacted by Hurricane Dorian

  • Daytona Beach, FL – Hurricane warnings and storm surge warnings were in effect throughout much of Florida, but Daytona Beach saw rising floodwaters and wind gusts up to 60 mph.
  • Jacksonville, FL – In Jacksonville, tropical storm-force winds blew storm debris around and knocked out power for hundreds of thousands of residents.
  • Charleston, SC – Dorian produced tropical storm-force wind speeds in Charleston, SC, alongside major flooding and power outages. The area also experienced tornadoes.
  • Cape Hatteras, NC – In Cape Hatteras, Dorian made landfall and caused widespread flooding, and numerous tornadoes spawned in the area.

Why Choose Restoration 1

Homeowners and businesses alike turn to Restoration 1 for our benefits, including:

  • Trained and Certified Professionals – Every member of our team is IICRC-certified, highly trained, and well-equipped with advanced restoration tools.
  • 24/7 Availability – We work day and night to ensure our communities thrive in the face of a disaster like Hurricane Dorian.
  • Work with Insurance – We work with most insurance companies and will happily help you file a storm damage insurance claim after Hurricane Dorian.
  • Quick Response – As locally owned and operated restoration companies, we’re faster to disasters of any size at any time — that’s a guarantee.

Tips to Avoid Costly Repairs

Avoiding costly property damage and repairs following storm damage is easier said than done. With a storm like Hurricane Dorian, preparing early can help reduce the damage to your home or business.

  • Keep your drainage systems clean and free of debris. This task is especially important for your gutter system, which sends excess water away from your roof and home.
  • Ensure your doors and windows are sealed tight. If possible, board up the windows to prevent storm debris and glass from entering your home.
  • Clean any debris and accumulated items from around the home for easier evacuation in the event of another hurricane or tropical storm.

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How to Schedule an Appointment

Founded in 2008, Restoration 1 has grown immensely in the past decade. The company began franchising in 2009, with new locations opening every year since. With Restoration 1 locations in most major cities, we’re able to address property damage of any type.

With Hurricane Dorian, our certified technicians in Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina are working overtime to help their communities return to some semblance of normalcy. We’re proud of these technicians and all they are doing to restore hope.

If you have been affected by Hurricane Dorian, please contact your local Restoration 1 today.