Frequently Asked Questions

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Can damage from water and mold be repaired?

There have been some customers that have some resistance to our restoration process. In these situations we explain that we need to follow protocol and have been able to help these customers with their issues. Contact Restoration 1 Greenville for a free estimate.

Free Estimates for Water Damage Restoration

Restoration 1 Greenville offers free initial estimates for any water, fire, smoke or mold remediation services.

What is Your Service Area?

Restoration 1 Greenville services Greenville SC and a 40 mile radius around that location.

What is the Process to repair fire damage?

The first step when cleaning up fire damage is to remove the burnt material and start to remove the smoke smell from inside the house. The next step is to clean every inch of the house including the A/C ducts. Restoration 1 Greenville has the expertise and experience to get your home back to normal fast. Contact us today for a free estimate.

What is Your Water Damage Restoration Process?

Our technicians go out immediately after receiving a call. After we figure out the problem and the leak is stopped we try to find where there is water damage. The technician will then start the cleanup process to make sure there is no further damage. Contact Restoration 1 Greenville for your free estimate.