So, you have water in your home?  What do I do now?  First of all, don’t panic.  Whether it’s water in your basement from a failed sump pump,  a leak in your roof, or a broken appliance water line, Restoration 1 of Fox Valley is ready to tackle any water disaster that might affect your property. Here are the steps we take to get your property dry and back to normal, safely, and quickly.

  1. When you call Restoration 1 of Fox Valley, we will first identify the source of the water and help you shut it off at its source, if at all possible.  We will do a preliminary assessment based on your description of the problem.  Any photos or videos you have taken that you can share with us are huge in helping us understand the scope of your disaster.  At this point, with your permission, we will dispatch our technicians to your property.
  2. We take an active role in your clean up. Beyond cleaning up and drying your property, we will contact your insurance provider and get your claim started, assisting you through the claims process.  We also have a large network of referral partners who offer other services that you might require for the build back of your property.  Be it a plumber, painter, or carpenter, we have highly qualified and professional partners to replace your pump, paint your walls, or replace your trim, once we have dried your property.  We hold them to the same standards of quality, safety, and professionalism that we hold ourselves too.
  3. Your home is our home. We understand how stressful a water disaster can be.  Most of us have been there.  Our goal is to make the process of restoring your home as easy as possible.  We will explain clearly and thoroughly the processes and techniques we will be using.  We will provide a timeline as to approximately when each step will be completed.   And, we will use techniques that are un-invasive as possible, only removing materials that are beyond being able to salvage.  Oh, and speaking of home, we are right here in Oswego, making our response time to our neighbors in the Fox Valley area quick.  When water is present, time is of the essence.  Combining our local coverage area, with 24 hr  emergency services, we can be on site to begin the process of mitigation within a couple of hours.
  4. Exacting standards. There’s a reason to call the professionals at Restoration 1 of Fox Valley.  Simply using a mop and bucket and a couple of fans invites the possibility of future problems.  Water can and will find its way behind walls, cabinets, even under flooring.  If not properly dried, mold can form within days of the event, and begin to grow.  The health hazards of mold exposure have been well documented and can range from headaches and congestion, too much more serious illnesses.  Restoration 1 employs the very latest in technology and industry techniques to professionally dry your property.  But the most valuable tool we employ is our team of technicians.  Expertly trained, they know all the tricks of the trade needed to get the job done right.  Courteous and efficient, they will treat your home like it’s their own, and have you back to normal as quickly as possible.

So, relax!  We’ve got this!  No one wants to deal with water in their home, but life happens, and sometimes, we need the experts to bail you out.  When water finds itself as an uninvited guest to your home, have the guys at Restoration 1 of Fox Valley, kindly show it the door, and get your home warm and dry in no time.  They use all the appropriate PPE, and make every effort to keep you and your family safe throughout the entire process.