With fall approaching, many families are getting ready for that one last outing for the summer. If you are one of those families, we have a few tips to ensure that your house stays quiet while you are out of town:

Make sure a neighbor or relative can watch your house while you are gone. Apart from the strong thunderstorms that could produce unwanted interior water, there are supply lines, appliances, and water heater and sump pumps that could fail while you are away. Having someone check your home can make a problem much less problematic. Never go away for an extended period of time without someone watching your home! Turn the water off at the main valve. Once the water is off, turn on the faucet on the lowest level of the house to drain pressure in the lines. If supply lines have no pressure they are less likely to leak or burst. Leave our number with your house sitter so they can call us if they discover any problems. Make sure your gutters are cleaned before you leave and that your downspouts are extended away from your home. DON’T turn off your A/C! Temps inside your home could rise causing mold growth to appear. Mold is a health hazard that would have to be mitigated. A few degrees warmer won’t hurt, but turning the a/c off is a no-no. You don’t have to leave your temp at 70 degrees, you can turn the temp up a few degrees.

Have a good trip and don’t forget to turn your water on when you get home. If you should discover any problems upon your return call Restoration1 of Fox Valley 630-345-8678 for help.