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Water Damage FAQ's

Water Damage FAQ’s Answered by the Experts at R1 Fox Valley

At Restoration 1 of Fox Valley, we are here to help you mitigate water or mold events for you as quickly as possible! Your family deserves to stay safe and…

R1 Fox Valley Gives Back

Community Outreach at Restoration 1 of Fox Valley

Restoration 1 of Fox Valley is committed to serving our community by helping those who can’t help themselves. There is no better example than our doggos! An important part of…

mold remediation

Why Choose Restoration 1 of Fox Valley for Mold Removal in Your Home

There is mold in every home. In most cases, these are areas such as the far corner of the basement, the attic, or most commonly the bathroom. Anywhere moisture is…

Fox Valley Water Damage Remediation

Most Common Places & Causes for Water Damage in Your Home

When water is an issue in your home, it is usually caused by obvious external factors such as a heavy rainstorm that overwhelms your sump pump or a clogged main…

Water Damage in Fox Valley

Why Water Damage is a Different Process for Insurance Claims & Repair

If you’re reading this, it is a good bet that you have water invading your home.  You should know that the process between you and your insurance company is much different…

Mold Remediation Fox Valley

Why Is Mold Growing In My Home? Mold Remediation For Your Illinois Home.

Why does mold grow? Mold is a naturally occurring part of the environment. It helps to break down dead organic material like dead leaves and trees, but indoors, mold growth…

Restoration 1 Fox Valley

Meet Restoration 1 of Fox Valley: Water Damage Restoration for your Illinois Home and Business

Restoration 1 of Fox Valley (Oswego, IL) opened its doors in late 2019 and quickly hit the ground running. With its core team of owner/operator Mark Sandstrom and project manager…

Fox Valley Water Damage Restoration

What To Do When You Find Water In Your Home

So, you have water in your home?  What do I do now?  First of all, don’t panic.  Whether it’s water in your basement from a failed sump pump,  a leak…

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