Real Restoration Stories

Case One  – Richey Home Residence Basement Water Damage

Summer 2017 Restoration 1 responded to a water emergency call at the Cary and Syndy Richey home residence due to a sump pump failure. Ground water had entered the basement due to the water pressure build up around the foundation and saturated the carpeting and also had visible standing water in the concrete areas. Water was also trapped under the linoleum flooring in the bath/laundry area.

Once the sump pump was repaired Restoration 1 of Eastern Iowa stepped in and began the recovery process. All carpeting was affected and removed immediately, along with a fair amount of wet drywall the first day. The dry out process also started day one after the demo was completed by adding 3 dehumidifiers and multiple fans throughout the basement area. Restoration 1 monitored daily by visiting the Richey home and making minor adjustments to the fans as needed based on how the structure was drying.

The house was completely dry at the end of day 4 and Restoration 1 began coordinating the rebuild process with our partner contractors. While the Richey’s were gone on their planned summer vacation Restoration 1 coordinated the drywall and painting work so that when the Richey’s returned home from vacation the only thing left was to take care of the new flooring. The flooring was finished up after their return and then Restoration 1 returned to hook back up their washer and dryer to put the final touches on the job. The Richey’s were wonderful to work with throughout the process and Restoration 1 wishes them the very best moving forward.

Client Testimonials – Syndy Richey

  • “Restoration 1 was a pleasure to work with when we had our basement flood from our sump pump failure. “
  • “Larry and Skyler were great communicators and we felt very up to date each day throughout the dry out and rebuild process.”
  • “We trusted Restoration 1 so much that we decided to still go on our family summer vacation and Restoration 1 kept the project going for us with their partner contractors and by the time we returned home our basement was nearly restored.”
  • “We were 100% completely satisfied with how our basement was restored and would highly recommend Restoration 1 of Eastern Iowa to all of our friends and family.