What Is the Average Cost of Fire Damage Restoration?

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Every year, there are countless residential and commercial fires that take place, leading to billions of dollars in property damage. Even a small house fire can result in extensive damage due to smoke and the water used to extinguish the flames. If this happens to your home, you may be unclear on how to move forward. You may be wondering about the next steps. It all begins with fire damage restoration. After a severe fire, you may not wish to spend too much money, as you might be thinking you need a completely new home. Let’s look at the average cost of fire damage restoration.

Average Cost of Fire Damage Restoration

Recently, ImproveNet performed thorough research on the matter of fire damage restoration and its true costs. According to the results, homeowners spend between $3,453 and $4,943 on fire damage restoration in the United States. However, the maximum cost can be as high as $50,000, which skews the average somewhat. The average price of fire damage restoration in a residential home is $6,284, though most homeowners do not pay that much. Insurance coverage kicks in and handles quite a bit of the cost after a house fire. So, most homeowners ultimately pay a few thousand dollars in repairs and restoration.

Of course, the actual cost of fire damage restoration will vary greatly depending on where the services are provided. For example, residents of Raleigh, NC pay an average of $2,083.00 for a fire damage restoration service, while residents of New York, NY pay an average of $2,906.00.

Types of Fire Damage

When talking about fire damage, there are three types of property damage to examine: water, fire, and smoke. Sure, water is not technically fire damage, however, it is generally inserted into the equation due to the local fire department using powerful water hoses to put out the fire. All of that water is going straight into your home.

  • Water Damage – Let us start with the water damage. As we all know, water is used to extinguish a house fire. That water can lead to mold growth and wood rot if not removed promptly.
  • Smoke Damage – Next, we have smoke and soot damage, both of which lead to discoloration, harmful odors, and contamination in the home. The smoke and soot settle onto all fabrics, furniture, and possessions, leading to a thick film over everything.
  • Fire Damage – Lastly, we have the primary source of damage: fire. The flames from even the smallest of fires can ruin your home. Cabinets, furniture, and appliances may be destroyed and burnt to ashes in mere minutes.

To properly address all three types of property damage from a house fire, you’ll need a competent restoration company to arrive quickly. Most local restoration companies can arrive within the hour. Then, relief efforts can begin immediately.

When dealing with fire damage, remember that safety should be your primary concern. Leave the fire to emergency services and the resulting damage to the likes of Restoration 1. We have locations around the country, ready to handle any fire damage restoration you require.

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