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Ice Dams Prevention and Removal

(Illustration courtesy of IBHS – Institute for business and Home Safety, Ice dams are a common occurrence in snowy areas of the country. While they may be pretty to…

Burning fire in the brick fireplace, close up

Chimney Fires in Detroit

    It’s that time of the year when it’s cold outside in Michigan and soon the kids will be home from school and begging for a fire in the…


When Pipes Freeze In Michigan!

Water can be a severely destructive force. It attacks everything in its path – from wood floors, walls, carpeting, tiles, drywall, and furniture. As our temperatures freeze this week, it’s…

Young Girl Risking Accident With Pan In Kitchen

Holiday Kitchen and Food Safety Tips

Gathering with family and friends is a hallmark of the holiday season in the Metro Detroit area and most of these gatherings involve food – whether it’s a feast around…


Caring for Pets in Cold Weather

As colder days approach in metro Detroit and Western Wayne County, questions about pet care always surface. We’ve gone to some of the most reliable sources to get answers! Please…

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