Protect Your Guests By Tracking And Eliminating Hotel Room Mold Fast.

By Dragon Images at Shutterstock

When you’re traveling, you expect a clean, refreshing hotel room to rest your head. What you don’t expect is mold damage. You would be shocked at the number of hotel rooms littered with black mold across the country.

That’s why, as a hotel owner, you owe it to yourself and to your clientele to keep a clean, safe hotel space. Each room should be mold-free. Don’t ignore the telltale signs of mold damage in your hotel!

Hotel Owners Shouldn’t Ignore the Signs of Mold Damage

Many types of mold — like black mold — release mycotoxins into the air. These airborne toxins lead to respiratory problems, headaches and produce a foul odor. It’s that odor that you notice first.

  • Mold Odors — When you walk in the lobby of a hotel, take a few deep breaths. If there is a severe mold problem, your nose, congestion and sinuses will sniff it out fast. Do the same once you enter the hotel room.
  • Bathroom Mold — The bathroom is the likeliest culprit for mold in a hotel room. The moisture and humidity from near-constant use allow mold to grow between the grout. During a room inspection, if you discover some fungus, send it out for testing.
  • Wallpaper — Nothing is more evident to a hotel client than peeling wallpaper. It’s a flashing warning sign when they enter the room. Often, significant peeling or abnormalities may be a sign of moisture, which means mold.
  • Health Symptoms — Hotel goers aren’t the only ones who will experience health symptoms of mold exposure. If your employees start to feel ill, such as a runny nose or sneezing, chances are there is mold in the air. Address these symptoms before they worsen and note if they increase after cleaning a particular room.
  • Itchy Feelings — It’s not uncommon for guests to leave damp towels on the floor or for laundry to pile up. Mold can grow in wet clothing and fabrics. If you or anyone else experience itching after using the towels, sheets or rags, there is likely mold.

Why Hotel Owners Need a Professional Mold Cleanup Service

Many supermarkets sell mold treatment devices and cleaners. Most exacerbate the issue. For genuine relief, you need to hire a mold expert. With advanced restoration equipment and training, tackling mold is easier than ever.

Your local Restoration 1 comes equipped and trained to deal with any mold on the planet. Even the boogeyman of mold — black mold — is no match for our IICRC-certified restoration technicians. If you notice any signs of mold in your hotel, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call your local Restoration 1.

When you do, we’ll send out a team within an hour of your call. Get in touch with us today!