Trauma Cleanup

Approaching a Trauma Restoration

Dealing with trauma and death can be extremely difficult, especially if it is with a family member or someone you love. The evidence of pain remains long after the law enforcement and medical responders leave the scene. This is hard for anyone to see, and the cleaning can be next to impossible. If the task is overwhelming, then you need to call a company that specializes in trauma cleanup and restoration.

What is a Trauma

A trauma scene is any scene that where blood or bodily fluids have been spilt. This can include crime scene cleanup, cleanup after suicides, then removal of any bio hazardous waste or decomposition. Homes with traumas require technicians to assess the house to determine what chemicals will be needed to clean the house completely.

Needed Equipment

Unfortunately, cleaning areas where trauma cleanup is needed require a lot more than just mopping up the blood. Blood is considered a bio-hazard and special disposal procedures are needed. Cleaners will need to wear a disposable suit that covers the wearer from head to foot, and often have respirators that attach.

Required Tasks

In order for a house to be considered clean after a trauma has occurred, all blood and bodily fluids must be cleaned. This can only be done by a certified team of cleaners. The Department of Public Health has a strict set of rules that must be followed to make sure the house is clean. Often times, they require walls to be removed down to the studs to make sure any trace of contaminants have been disposed of.


Hiring a good trauma cleanup company to deal with the cleaning of the house will offer provide compassion to those close to the victim. This can come from being willing to help with insurance paperwork. The other area that many crews will help with is by having the house clean before the homeowner re-enters the home. This will allow loved ones to grieve without having constant reminders of the incident.

Doing it Yourself

If you are determined to perform the cleaning by yourself, then you at least need contact a trauma restoration service. Most companies offer technicians twenty-four hours a day, every day to answer questions. Technicians also can come out and inspect the premises to give you an idea of what will be needed to disinfect the property.

Many insurance companies will cover the cost of a trauma cleanup crews to come in and return your home to its natural state. There is no reason to take this task upon yourself, and subjecting yourself to further pain and suffering. If your loved one has been injured, murdered, or took their life, let a trained professional come and take care of the clean up by making a simple phone call.