Tear Gas Cleanup New Jersey

Tear Gas Cleanup New Jersey Crime Scene Cleanup

Tear gas is mainly used by law enforcement and is released into a home or business after a crime scene has occurred. There are two major classifications for tear gas. One is CS, is known as super tear gas, and is used most often. CN is considered to be more toxic and more precaution needs to be taken when utilizing this type of tear gas. When using tear gas cleanup at a crime scene, the methods that you would use would depend on the type of tear gas used.

When tear gas is released, it comes from a fired shotgun. The actual tear gas canister resembles a small torpedo. On impact, the canister ruptures when it hits inside the structure. The canister releases an oily spray, which spreads out throughout the room. When tear gas is fired, more than one canister is released so no one can hide and the area is inhabitable. When the tear gas is released, it leaves pink paint on the walls of the room. If a canister blows a hole into a wall, the drywall has to be removed, in addition to every piece of the canister. Special equipment and tear gas neutralizers are used to get rid of the residue and odor for tear gas cleanup.

The basic method when using CS tear gas cleanup is to be sure that you completely ventilate the entire area and be certain the area is cool since heat will spread the tear gas. Vacuum the area to get rid of the crystalline residue, then clean and secure the HVAC system. With the CN tear gas, you also want to ventilate the area. With this type of gas, you want the home heated to about 95 degrees. After, be sure to ventilate the area once again.

There are several scenarios in which an area would be considered a crime scene. Some of these scenarios include suicides, human decompositions, sewage backups, disease outbreaks, biological terrorism, homicides, and mass casualty scenes that are unfit for habitation. Tear gas can be used in events where very minimal blood loss occurs such as battery, medium sized crimes such as suicides, or tear gas damaged environments or larger crime scenes like mass murder scenes and terrorist attacks.

Do you know what happens at a crime scene cleanup? Skilled workers with hazmat training are assigned to take care of cleanup. When tear gas is used, the effects are unbearable for anyone to handle. This is because of the chemical composition that is in tear gas. The only problem is that it never diminishes. In fact, months can go by and the effects of tear gas can still give off gas, causing people irritation of the eyes, nose, and mouth. The tear gas cleanup must be done only by professionals, even if you think this method sounds easy enough. Companies that specialize in crime scene cleanup almost always have the expertise and certification required in a tear gas cleanup.