Meth Lab Drug Lab Cleanup

Purchasing a Home Busted for Meth

After the police have busted a house for being a meth lab, it is vital that a restoration company come in to make sure that all the chemicals have been removed from the property safely. Meth labs are a very volatile environment, so a decontamination process needs to be performed prior to reselling. Since the process of cleaning is long and complicated, it is important to know what to expect prior to purchasing.

Meth Lab Drug Lab Cleanup

Why Hire? Companies that specialize in meth lab restoration must be OSHA certified. This is due to the ingredients used in methamphetamine. While many are aware that they are combustible, fewer realize the affects the chemicals have on the plumbing, septic tanks, and even the HVAC system of a house. The cooking of the ingredients in meth will leave a residue throughout the home and in the duct systems.

The Process After a full inspection of the property, the remediation company will talk to law enforcement. They need to know what chemicals and cooking tools were removed from the property. Without this knowledge, they may be unable to remove all traces of the chemicals properly and in the most cost effective manner possible. When inspecting the property, samples are taken from each room to determine the extent of contamination. It is not until those samples come back can the real work begin.

Cost Remediation can be a pricey task, but it is an all-inclusive one. The company restoring the house to its natural state will dispose of all the hazardous materials for you. They will follow the specialized handling requirements set by the law, and this will protect any liability you may have. Then after they have removed all of the contaminants, they will go over your home with a cleaning solution that will leave your house toxin free.

Before the company can sign the house as Fit for Use, they have to perform another sampling. This process takes another few days for results to come in, and some states require two separate companies perform the post sampling to verify results.


This process can seem long and tedious but methamphetamine is a combustible and toxic drug. When you purchase a home that had been previously used as a meth lab, your health will thank you for taking the time to have the remediation done properly. If you are looking at purchasing a home that once was used as a meth lab, make sure your first phone call is to a meth lab drug lab cleanup company remediation company.

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