Hoarding Cleanup New Jersey

Hoarding CleanUp New Jersey … Dangerous Occupation Hoarding is an obsessive compulsive disorder that prevents people from throwing anything out. It goes beyond the collecting of knickknacks or other items. Hoarding is when people keep every piece of paper or item that comes into the house. These items get stacked and eventual pile up to the ceiling. Hoarding is an extremely hazardous situation, not only for those living in the house, but also for those who try to help.

What to Expect When entering a hoarder’s house for the first time, your breath will be taken away. It is not uncommon to see homes of extreme hoarding cases have bugs, garbage, rotting food, and animal feces covering the floor, counters, and any other surface imaginable. It is important when cleaning a house that a hoarder has lived in that you will want to wear protective gear.

Why Protective Gear When “stuff” begins to accumulate, animals begin to find it a perfect place to eat, breed, and find shelter. This can include bed bugs, dust mites, cockroaches, mice, and rats. These breed infections and deadly diseases. It is important that you do not take those germs with you. Full disposable garments are required, along with shoe covers and gloves. Because of the dust and dirt that builds up, you will want to wear a breathing apparatus. Hoarding often causes the homeowner to develop asthma. It is also dangerous to walk around in the house because the stacks of items can prevent you from seeing the floor. Unfortunately, this means that the ability to walk is hindered and risk of injury increases. While protective gear will not help you walk easier around the house, knowledge of hoarding situations will.

Cleaning Process The process of removing the dirt, debris, and other garbage can be overwhelming, as well as dangerous. Companies that specialize in removing clutter will have garbage trucks, special cleaners, and a large crew to take care of the process in a few days. They are permitted to remove any hazardous waste such as mold and mildew. They also have the correct tools to strip a house completely. After everything has been removed, they can then clean the house to remove toxins that may remove.

If you encounter a hoarding situation with your family or loved one, you will want to hire a company to help. There is no better way to make sure the structure of the house stay preserved, and the health of the homeowner is protected. Calling for help is nothing to be ashamed of, and you will never be judged for your sickness.