A great sense of relief comes with the knowledge that your mold problem is addressed and gone. It helps to keep in mind the moment that remediation is complete, recontamination can happen again. That’s the reality that home and property owners must realize to avoid getting into the same situation and calling for mold home remediation in Avondale too soon after the first one.


Do I Need a Post-Mold Remediation Inspection?

It depends on your trust and experience with the mold remediation specialists you hired, but it should be possible with most companies.

Firstly, it’s relatively common for property owners to request a post-mold remediation inspection to meet safety and sanitation standards. A post-mold remediation inspection usually includes an air quality test that checks humidity and contamination. The findings will be beneficial if you have any immuno-compromised family/household member who reacts severely to mold exposure. Secondly, mold remediators who are confident about the effectiveness of their mold removal methods will not mind. Some even consider it a chance to prove their expertise.

But even if the inspection comes out negative and declares the remediation a failure, it will still be to your benefit as it will reveal the problem points the remediators may have missed on their first pass.


Cleaning Habits to Develop

Mold grows from spores that land on wet surfaces and microbial growth accelerates when the fungi have something organic to feed on, like the plant fibers on wood-paneled walls or spoiled food left in a cooler.

Spores can exist in a room and never develop into mold if the environmental conditions don’t allow them to – that is, if the room is always dry and clean and the humidity level stays below 60 percent (between 30 and 50 percent, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency or EPA). This is essential information that a professional in mold home remediation in Avondale would surely tell you.

With these facts in mind, here are some cleaning habits that will make your home unfavorable to microbial growth:

  • Keeping all floors and surfaces clean and dry, especially in the mold-prone areas like the kitchen, bathroom, attic, and basement.
  • Wiping spills immediately.
  • Vacuuming crumbs on surfaces regularly.
  • Sweeping the dining room floor and wiping the table after every meal.
  • Wiping the shower stall and bathtub dry after every use.
  • Wiping condensation from glass windows, mirrors, and heated surfaces (e.g., heat-generating appliances).
  • Cleaning up morsels of food and water splashes on the floor whenever your pets eat or drink from their bowls.
  • Checking that your AC is completely dry before closing the unit after a scheduled cleaning.
  • Never using wet rags to clean HVAC ducts.


Preventive Measures

A cleaning routine can take care of the mold spores that make their way indoors. What you need to figure out next is reducing the spores that enter your home.

Here are a few more important factors to keep in mind about mold:

  • Mold releases spores in the air when disturbed.
  • Spores cling to clothes, animal fur, vehicles, and practically on any object.
  • Spores are airborne.

Addressing these is the best way to prevent microbial growth inside your home. With that said, here are examples of preventive measures that will help you avoid the cost of mold damage repair and property restoration in Avondale:

  • When buying old, second-hand furniture, have the furniture professionally cleaned and treated before bringing it inside your home.
  • Shake off the dust from your shoes and clothes before entering.
  • If you maintain a garden, avoid keeping mulch near the entryways and windows (mulch is an ideal breeding ground for mold).
  • Install humidity meters in your basement, attic, beside the furnace, and other areas prone to high humidity.
  • Clean your AC and replace filters regularly (dust is a food source for mold).
  • Observe the places you often visit, i.e., your office building, the mall, favorite restaurant, laundromat, etc., and watch out for signs of mold.
  • Invest in mold-resistant construction materials, like moisture-resistant drywall and fiberglass insulation.
    Check the building envelope of your home and make sure there are no air leaks in the attic, windows, and doors.


Combat Mold With Restoration 1 of Avondale

If microbial growth returns, despite your best efforts for effective remediation, you can still have it effectively removed. When you incorporate the best practices above into your daily habits, you become more observant and can discover mold in its very early stages.

Mold detected early is easier to kill and remove from your home. However, since mold releases and spreads more spores when agitated, calling a mold remediation specialist to remediate it is still the wisest choice.

Get in touch with Restoration 1 of Avondale at the earliest sign of a microbial regrowth. We specialize in property damage restoration in Avondale and offer repairs and complete reconstruction services for areas affected by mold. Through careful remediation and inspection, we will get your space back to its original state, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

Call Restoration 1 for professional mold home remediation in Avondale and dedicated attention to your needs.