Wet Carpet Restoration

Maybe it’s that leaky faucet that started dripping into a clogged sink while you were gone on vacation, maybe your washer pipes burst and sprayed water everywhere while you were at work, or maybe somebody thought it would be a good joke. No matter the reason, flood and water damage can be devastating to the structural integrity of a home, furniture, and to carpet as well as wood paneling on the floors. Wet carpet restoration can be essential for various reasons.

The obvious reason is that wet carpet often stinks. Let’s face it, if only for that, nobody wants to wait for it to dry out on its own. It can shrink, it can change colors, it can do a lot of things and end up looking like a different set of carpet to say the least. But it goes beyond that. Oftentimes, the reason why wet carpet smells is because of the presence of mold and otherwise harmful substances. When water sits, all sorts of bacteria and mold can quickly grow, causing both inconvenience and serious potential health problems that could build over time without you even knowing about it.

Wet Carpet Water Extraction and Drying

So, what do wet carpet restoration services do?

Wet carpet restoration services, first of all, have machines that will quickly and efficiently dry out the carpets. They have specialized fans that will stop mold before it starts. Mold often develops as the water sits. But if wet carpet restoration services can get started within even 24-48 hours alone, sometimes you can actually prevent the growth of serious mold or mildew that could cause future damage.

Second, any good wet carpet restoration company will actually remove the paneling and other pieces between the carpet and your floor. Even if dried out quickly and efficiently, the biggest risk is in that in-between material. So they completely remove it, throw it out, and replace it for the best wet carpet restoration services on the market. This is also assuming of course that the carpet itself is salvageable and restorable. In some cases, they will simply replace the entire carpeting with carpeting comparable to what you had before.

From there, wet carpet restoration will give you one more major service. Wet carpet restoration, when properly done, treats your carpets with a fungicide and uses methods which will act as antibacterials, killing off any mold, mildew, or otherwise harmful substances in general. And in addition, they will use deodorants not to cover up the smell, but rather to help to eliminate it while properly eliminating the potential cause of such damage.

Finally, once all of this is done, wet carpet restoration services replace the underlining of the carpet and then lay it back down, stapling and stabilizing it so that it looks like new. After it is laid down, stabilized, etc, wet carpet restoration will again cleanse the carpet, properly deodorize it, and make it look like new, possibly even cleaning out dirt and damage the owner did not know was there, making it look stain free and the way you bought it.

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