Structural Drying, Dehumidification

Providing an accelerated method of drying after floor or other water damage has occurred, structural drying or dehumification is a process used by professionals to give you better results as quickly as possible. It can reduce the risk of any mold or mildew buildup in the home or business as quickly as possible, and it has been used on commercial job sites to make important decisions about how to move forward. It uses psychrometry, or the science of drying, and it can track the content of the moisture, seeing if it needs to be extracted or if the surface of a structure needs structural drying or is completely dry.

So why do you need structural drying and dehumidification? Structural drying begins largely after the major water sources have been removed and dried out. It actually provides cost reduction and largely decreases drying time, allowing residents or occupants to even return to their normal daily routines, moving back in to the structure to a certain degree.

Applied Structural DryingAnd of course, there are various methods of structural drying and dehumidification. The best I would say is called Applied Structural drying. What is Applied Structural Drying? It is to date the quickest and most effective and comprehensive method of structural drying and dehumidification in the business. Applied Structural Drying quickly maximizes the removal of water from carpet and padding, using the latest innovations in the science of drying. It removes water buildup from the carpet and padding without actually having to remove or even lift the carpet or padding!

From there, the turbo drying fans are set up in a way that allows for maximum results in the shortest amount of time. It creates a vortex or air flow that will draw the moisture out of the carpets, floors, and the entire structure in general. Professionals monitor, chart, and adjust the drying process according to measured results with this particular process, and with qualified professionals, obviously you get better results as those daily adjustments are required for the best possible results.

In most cases, if you use Applied Structural Drying, you can get full drying results in just 3 days, even with severe flooding. Most of the time, the reconstruction effort is seriously diminished, and most occupants are able to move back in and get on with their daily lives and schedules in a shorter amount of time. Applied Structural Drying and dehumidification is a non- destructive drying process with no carpet or pad replacement required in most cases and it takes every step to achieve greater mold prevention.

At Restoration 1, we have specialized equipment, trained and properly drug tested staff, 24/7 readiness, fair professional pricing, and excellent services and customer service. We have explored all of the best options to maintain structural integrity and efficiency with structural drying and dehumidifaction. Please feel free to contact us for pricing and service.