Hardwood Floor Repair

Have you suffered water damage on your hardwood floors? Do you need hardwood floor repair? You’re certainly not alone. It’s not only leather that shrinks or warps when exposed to water, especially when it’s lasting or standing water. Yes, we run wet wipes, rags, and mops across our wood floors all the time for proper cleaning results. But we never allow this water to collect in the cracks or otherwise to stay there for long periods of time.

Water Extraction Mat SystemThis being said, when you suffer hardwood floor damage severe enough for hardwood floor repair needs, it is more than just a small issue. Just like any other surface, if there are cracks, the water can collect and therefore cause mold and mildew. This cannot be treated with a simple staining process. If you have mold or mildew, you do need the proper hardwood floor repair professionals to determine the severity of the problem, among other things.
First, you could suffer water stains. Now water stains are one of the more minor issues, as you can usually restain the floors if you are handy or hire someone else to do it if you are not. Either way, if you do not restain, it will look uneven, ugly, and like a low grade vinyl or something of that nature. Hardwood floors are meant to be luxurious or upgraded, and by taking the proper steps for hardwood floor repair, even after a major flood, you can maintain this.

Second, wood can actually shrink. Yes, we all thought it was just leather that shrunk with water. But shrinking with flooded hardwood floors that require hardwood floor repair is actually rather common. This being said, should it get to this point, you will have to completely replace your hardwood floors rather than seeking hardwood floor repair. It will leave cracks you should not have, and there is no way to stretch the wood back out.

Third, hardwood floor repair, if done right and on time, can prevent warping. Warping is obviously a serious problem and if you get to it early enough, within generally about 24-48 hours while draining almost immediately or as quickly as possible, you can prevent this problem and get to the greater needs. The proper hardwood floor repair can give you exactly what you need. However, if it goes beyond that, again there are options in hardwood floor replacement.

With the proper wood floor restoration services, you will get all of the best results. You will prevent shrinkage or growing for that matter, you will be able to prevent real staining and restain your wood floors, and you will be able to prevent warping and in some cases other serious problems while addressing possible mold issues. You will avoid common issues such as cupping or crowning, and you won’t be left alone to navigate the road to true hardwood floor repair and care after a flood.

Restoration 1 has only the most qualified professionals, and we evaluate each case on an individual basis and through various criteria. We determine the actual needs of each individual case and give you comprehensive hardwood floor repair every single time with the best customer service in the business!