Furniture Restoration, Fabric Restoration
Furniture Restoration, Water Damage

When going through a flood or otherwise suffering water damage, we automatically think of the condition of the home. You have to address mold removal, paint, floors, carpets, and various other things that are found in the house. But what about your furniture? Yes, some furniture is easy to replace. That leather couch you bought last year is most likely still in stores, or at the very least you can find something similar and the insurance check might even cover those expenses if you have documented everything correctly.

But then there are family heirlooms, furniture that was bought in a foreign country, or otherwise irreplaceable furniture that you cannot easily find anywhere else, if at all. Maybe you love your drapes and your grandma made them. Maybe you have an old rocking chair that was damaged in the flood, or maybe you need your drapes properly assessed. You need furniture restoration, fabric restoration, and other services that you don’t necessarily want to pay a bundle for.

When it comes right down to it, some furniture restoration can be done in the comfort of your own home. For example, if you get to it early enough, a lot of things can be removed from the flooded area, properly aired and dried out, and sometimes they will suffer no long term damage. However, that is not always the case. In a lot of cases, flood damage requires serious furniture restoration and fabric restoration conducted by qualified professionals to bring it back up to par with the way it used to look.

There are various different types of damage that require furniture restoration or fabric restoration. On wood framing, there are slight water stains for example that can easily be painted or varnished over by the owner. However, a normal citizen may not notice more serious problems such as mold and mildew for example or wood decay that can cause far worse future issues. Likewise, solid wood furniture could suffer a cloudy finish or minor water stains, which again could be addressed by the individual owner if handy. But it could also mean flaking, missing finish, open joints, cracks, warping, or even separation. And finally, pressed board core furniture with veneer or vinyl surfaces can obviously suffer cosmetic damage. However, with serious flood damage, furniture restoration or fabric restoration services would determine if it had minor swelling, mold, mildew, permanent swelling, or vinyl wrap separation, and therefore you would be able to determine if it did have to be replaced or otherwise addressed in a more professional manner.

When you first suffer flood or water damage, there are steps to take on your own for furniture restoration or fabric restoration. Take all furniture outside and remove removable pieces such as drawers for example. Do not put it out in the sun as it may warp, and clean off any mud or dirt. Check the furniture periodically and watch for mildew. You can also use certain materials such as turpentine with ammonia and water to disinfect the surface and otherwise ensure greater success.

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