Wet Smoke Restoration

Maybe you burned something on the stove, maybe you had only a small house fire that you put out before it really did any fire damage to the surrounding structures, and you got lucky. You think that you are off the hook, because there is no serious fire damage. But unfortunately, that is not always the case. Smoke damage can still occur, and restoration may still be required. And when it comes to smoke damage, there are various different types requiring different services.

One major kind is wet smoke damage, and unfortunately, it can be considered the worst kind. Where dry smoke will generally disappear after being washed from fabrics, wet smoke is entirely different, and so wet smoke restoration is much more thorough and some would say naturally invasive. Wet smoke has been known to have a strong smell and it may require professional cleaning for fabrics such as drapes or table cloths as well as the bigger pieces such as carpets, couches, etc.

It may seem simple to get that smell out. But if you just deodorize, you are not killing off the bacteria and mold that may be building up. And if you use the wrong cleaning methods, you are actually doing more damage than good, making it necessary to replace items rather than simply getting the best wet smoke restoration. So when it comes to wet smoke restoration, it is extremely important to enlist the help of a qualified professional.

Qualified professionals with wet smoke restoration will help you to achieve better results without doing more damage. Your items will be as good as new, and wet smoke restoration will really eliminate the stench and damage once and for all. Wet smoke restoration professionals have specialized chemicals and antibacterials meant for just this type of thing.

At Restoration 1, we specialize in wet smoke restoration. We have done the work and trained our workers to know exactly what they are looking at, and if you have a need for wet smoke restoration, we can determine exactly the method of action needed. Likewise, if you do not, we can tell you so and help you to get the proper treatment that will prevent illness, protect your safe home environment, and give you the best pricing possible. Please contact us for further information.

Wet Smoke Damage Restoration