Protein Smoke Damage

What is protein smoke damage?

First of all, protein smoke damage comes specifically from proteins as you might have guessed. It comes from burned eggs, freezer failures, burned meats, etc. Generally speaking, it is characterized by a very strong and acrid odor that can stick in materials and furniture as well as some flooring. It can be extremely challenging to remove, and it can be extremely pungent. If not properly cleaned, the residue can stay in materials for years at a time.

How do you know if it’s protein smoke damage?

Well first of all, obviously protein smoke damage comes from proteins like those named above. But with protein smoke damage, you will notice that there are no visible signs of smoke or soot. Most cabinets, counters, walls, and often little bits of charcoal remain. The residue is not usually visible. But you can smell it, and discoloration of things like cabinets and surfaces is possible. Removal can be extremely difficult.

What is the best way to address protein smoke damage?

While difficult and sticky, protein smoke damage can be properly addressed. Specifically speaking, Restoration Ozone gets into all materials. It infiltrates everything from your couch cushions to cabinets and hard surfaces. It eliminates odors, eliminates bacteria and other buildup, and it addresses the cause of the odor rather than just temporarily deodorizing the odor. This is the best recognized way to address protein smoke damage.

Restoration 1 is a company focused on restoration success. We have incorporated the Restoration Ozone technology for all purposes. It gets occupants back into their homes and on with their lives quicker than any other treatment plan, and oftentimes it eliminates and prevents long term damage. It is the only real option recognized for protein smoke damage, and our professionals give you the best service and guarantee. Please contact us for pricing.

Protein Smoke Damage