Fuel Oil Soot

Fuel oil soot can come from various sources, specifically from the burning of fuel oil. So while some have fuel oil boilers, heaters, etc, they are generally made to eliminate soot buildup now. However, if you have an older model, chances are you have already suffered this problem. There are still some burners out there that can create serious fuel oil soot problems.

This being said, the most common cause of fuel oil soot buildup is actually a normally recognized house fire despite the cause. Fuel oil soot can build up on areas of the house, and wherever smoke goes, fuel oil soot follows. This being said, fuel oil soot can build up on furniture, on drapes, on clothes, on carpets, and it often sticks. It does not simply wash off, get wiped off, or vacuumed away. And you don’t always see fuel oil soot where it lies.

The cleaning of fuel oil soot can be expensive, and it can be more invasive than it needs to be. If you let it sit, it will over time cause more invasive and more permanent damage, ultimately leading to the need for total replacement. However, if you hire professionals, they can properly address your fuel oil soot problem, use the right professional chemicals, and eliminate your fuel oil soot problem before it really gets started.

Restoration 1 prides ourselves on excellent customer service, great prices, and the best services in the business to address water damage, fire and smoke, and mold removal. We specialize in fuel oil soot, and we have the best cleaners and disinfectants along with technologies meant to properly address fuel oil soot.