Dry Smoke Removal

With dry smoke, unfortunately the fact is that you are likely to suffer serious fire damage as well. In order to suffer dry smoke damage, the fire has to burn fast and at extremely high temperatures, creating dry smoke damage and the need for dry smoke removal. The odor left behind can be strong, and it can infiltrate everything from household materials like drapes to your carpets to your furniture, and obviously enough, not everything can go into the wash and be easily remedied.

So, when it comes to materials that need dry smoke removal, the method depends on what type of materials have been damaged. You can have many items professionally dry cleaned or otherwise cleaned by taking them into a local store. And this will generally remove the soot from those items as well.

However, when it comes to bigger items like carpets, drapes, and chairs, it is not safe to simply assume that wiping them off will do the job or, for that matter, that your regular vacuum will do the job. The fact is that dry smoke removal requires more work as dry smoke generally leaves a powdery dusty residue on virtually every item it touches while also seeping deep into the materials involved.

But the good news is that this residue is easily cleanable. If informed of the specified needs, professionals can properly assess smoke damage to first of all determine what kind of smoke damage you are dealing with. You don’t want to treat dry smoke when you have wet smoke or vice versa. And then professionals with dry smoke removal can help you to properly cleanse and deodorize any items that happen to be in your home, easily removable or not. When it comes right down to it, leaving this residue or trying to improperly clean it yourself without doing a professional job can create permanent damage to the items of interest.

At Restoration 1, we pride ourselves on providing the best services for dry smoke removal. We have worked with dry smoke and wet smoke damage for years, and we know exactly what we are looking at. We use only highly trained and qualified professionals that will come to your home and help you to make an informed decision, protecting your belongings and yourself. Please contact us for pricing and more information.

Dry Smoke Damage Restoration