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Quality Control

Our quality control process is a lot different from other company’s quality checks. We will check quality for materials and craftsmanship throughout the entire renovation process instead of just check the final product quality. This process ensures that every aspect of the restoration process if executed with above code quality. This is how we control quality:

  • Quality of execution and planning.
  • Material Quality
  • Craftsmanship Quality
  • Quality of customer service during process.

Quality control in construction typically involves insuring compliance with minimum standards of material and workmanship in order to insure the best results possible. For the purpose of insuring compliance, random samples and methods are commonly used as the basis for accepting or rejecting work completed and batches of materials. Rejection of a batch is based on non-conformance or violation of the agreed design specifications.

Total quality control is a commitment to quality shown in all parts of an organization and usually involves many elements. Design reviews to insure safe and effective construction procedures are just one element. Other elements include extensive training for all employees and continually maintaining equipment. Material suppliers are also required to insure zero defects in delivered goods. All materials from a supplier are inspected and the defective items are returned. Suppliers with good records can be certified and not subject to complete inspection. Restoration1 guarantees quality production and craftsmanship throughout the entire remediation process. We use only the best tools and equipment. Restoration1 also ensures that all equipment is decontaminated thoroughly after each use and placed in a sterile environment until it is needed.