Hidden Mold

Many of us have been there. We smell that musty smell in the kitchen. We assume that it must be rotting food or something else we’ve missed. But sometimes, we can’t find the source. We deodorize, we clean, and yet the smell remains. We clean out our fridges, and yet the smell remains. In this case, you may have hidden mold. Hidden mold is actually quite common in many homes across America, specifically in damp areas that we don’t see every day. Areas such as the top side of ceiling tiles, underside of carpets and pads, ductwork, and roofing materials as well as the backside of wallpaper, dry wall, fridges, dryers, etc, are all common places for mold to collect if there is even a slight leak that we don’t know about and don’t address.

The reality is that mold spores are everywhere, and they can cause toxic results in some cases. But most mold is ultimately speaking hidden mold. It’s just a matter of if it’s actually dangerous to you. So how do you know? How do you determine if you need to treat hidden mold?

Now obviously you are not going to eliminate all condensation or leaks that may occur in your house. You are not going to eliminate the mold that may even come in through open windows, air conditioning systems, etc. You can take precautions. For one thing, vinyl wallpaper tends to collect more mold, and you can keep up regular maintenance on air conditioning, heating, and other systems in general. And when you do see a spill or a leak, you can quickly clean it up.

However, the best way to eliminate hidden mold is to know it is there. If you test regularly for hidden mold in the air, it is a simple process, and yet it could make a positive impact on your health and very livelihood, even preventing serious future problems in some cases. Just as you go in for preventative health screenings to prevent certain types of cancer even if you don’t have symptoms, you should screen for hidden mold especially if you smell a mysterious odor or even if you don’t.

The best way to test for hidden mold is to use a professional company, and at Restoration 1, we provide the best servicemen and women to help you to determine the cause of that mysterious odor, test for hidden mold, and provide you with various other services whether or not you have experienced a floor or other disaster. Please contact us for pricing and more information.