Structural Repair & Reconstruction
Structural Repair

Maybe it’s a flood, maybe a hurricane or tornado, or maybe it’s a fire. The fact is that there are various reasons why one might have need for structural repair & reconstruction. It’s not something any of us like to think about when disaster strikes. But at the same time, you need to be prepared and knowledgeable on the subject, because chances are you are going to have to find other accommodations for at least a short period of time, and there are so many ways in which structural repair & reconstruction can go wrong. So what does structural repair & reconstruction actually take?

For some, structural repair & reconstruction doesn’t even require a natural disaster. Sometimes you pay for reconstructive work on your house to upgrade your basement or maybe you want to refinish your kitchen or you just move in and the inspector leaves a few major details out, leaving you with a serious problem on your hands! No matter what the reason, you don’t want to skimp and end up going wrong with structural repair & reconstruction.

Now the biggest problem with many cases of needed structural repair & reconstruction is the roof. The roof can be unstable, it can fall down on you, it can allow leaks creating mold and mildew over time, and it can cause many other complications leading to a structure that is unsafe and unlivable. Now a small roof leak is obviously easily repairable. But without the proper professional, you could easily mistake a big problem for a small leak that you think at that time is only in one place. Poor construction, building leaks in roofing, siding, and other areas, and various other things can play into this.

Outside of that, some have reported stucco damage or other damage in the insulation or other areas of the house that one might not normally think of. There have been cases of things actually breaking, sagging ceilings, not just roofs, and various other problems, even including mold related stenches. It is extremely important to repair any leak or bit of structural damage within an equitable and fair amount of time. If you do not, it can lead to more problems in the structural integrity of the building and therefore the need for more invasive structural repair & reconstruction in the long run. The biggest contributing factor, however, is poor construction.

The biggest thing to look into when checking out structural repair & reconstruction is mold and mildew. Yes, you need to repair the immediate structural damage. But repairing the immediate problem now without looking a little deeper is only going to set you up for greater future issues. Many contractors and other professionals have tools that are less invasive and more accurate than ever before to test for various associated issues and therefore give you the comprehensive job that you need for the full Monty of results.

At Restoration 1, we pride ourselves on giving you the best structural repair & reconstruction services at the best price. We know that some structural repair & reconstruction may seem easy, it may seem simple, and there are people who have always worked on their own homes. But we are experts in this particular area of interest, and we can give you the fair pricing that you are looking for to fix the problem once and for all. If you are in need of a proper home estimate, please contact us.