Restoration Ozone

When it comes to fire restoration, there are many professionals and consumers alike who are raving about one service and one service only: Restoration Ozone. Fire, smoke, and other related damage is something we hope that you will never have to suffer through. We hope none of us ever will. But the fact is that accidents happen, life happens, and there are fires throughout thousands of homes in the United States every single year. Every single year, there are thousands of cases of serious fire and smoke damage causing devastation to the home and occupants alike. But Restoration Ozone is a new and innovative approach to giving you the quickest approach for the best results.

What is Restoration Ozone?

Restoration Ozone is a professional unit that will neutralize and eliminate all odors, fungus, and other problems associated with smoke and fire damage, quickly and effectively infiltrating everything including carpets, furniture, ventilation ducts, and cracks to destroy the smoke smell and real damage that the human eye may not even see at first!

Restoration Ozone gets into the cracks to work fast and it can ozonate up to 50,000 square feet at any given time. With this safe and effective formula, it can get into areas that other cleansing materials cannot and therefore eliminate problems that may not otherwise be properly addressed without tearing out walls and otherwise doing more structural damage than is actually necessary.

Restoration Ozone has long been used in various applications. Years ago, it was already being used to remove the smoky smell from clothes, blankets, drapes, and sheets. But now it has been developed and infused with greater power to work throughout rooms and spaces that extend far past its previous capabilities. It can give you fantastic results, and it can even neutralize contaminants associated often with the decay of dead bodies some would say. So smoke is nothing in comparison!

Restoration Ozone has been regulated and recognized by OSHA, Occupational Safety and Health Agency. It gets occupants back into their homes and on with their lives in a fraction of the time as compared to other services and options. Clearly, Restoration Ozone is the only choice when it comes to fire and smoke damage and the odors that so often come with it.

At Restoration 1, we use Restoration Ozone to get the maximum benefits and results for our clientele. Restoration Ozone has been proven, regulated, and used in only the best smoke and fire restoration services, and we do everything to bring our customers all of the best. Please contact us for more information about pricing and services.