Horry County

We use Thermal imaging to find moisture not visible to the human eye. This help us identify and dry all moisture.

We can often save vanities and cabinetry without injectidry system.

Mold often grows on fans, with an abundance of food such as dust, humidity and heat, mold will grow very fast.

We will contain the work area to prevent cross contamination to other areas of your home.

We have equipment that will read moisture below tile floors.

Extracting water from a carpet using a "water claw."

Thermal image of a wall that looked dry

A dehumidifier helps dry the room and can pump up to 80 pints of water per day from the air and wet contents

Contaminated drywall in the garage caused by bathroom leak from above

The Injectidry system drying floors out below cabinets.

Fixing paint that created a pouch and was holding water.

Using heated air to dry the ceiling joists.