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WE are a full service RESTORATION contractor.

We specialize in the reconstruction of fire damaged homes and buildings. WE have been in business for over 10 years and are currently providing our services to the insured in all cities within the United States of America. WE SPECIALIZE IN ALL RESTORATION AND RECONSTRUCTION SERVICES.

We offer our services to homeowners and businesses that have been affected by any kind of damage. We provide a turn key service to you, the insured, which includes:
  1. Negotiating our estimate with your insurance carrier
  2. Provide you with detailed plans and engineering in order to rebuild your damaged structure.
  3. Inventory of your personal effects damaged.
  4. Contents (personal effects) pack-out, inventory, restoration, storage and return.

What is unique about our company is that the majority of Our Services are conducted by Our EMPLOYEES! We typically DO NOT SUB-CONTRACT OUR SERVICES! By not sub-contracting our services, we can control our labor and time to complete your repair or reconstruction, because we utilize our own full time employees!

  • Free consultations
  • Award-winning service
  • Satisfaction guarantee

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