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Restoration 1 is a customer oriented water removal company in Miami, where we work around the clock, seven days a week to provide the best availability around. There are no limits with Restoration 1 as there is no job too large. The moment you begin the call to Restoration 1, you should feel at ease, because we handle everything for you from there on out.

Restoration 1 guarantees:

  • Detail oriented representatives
  • The shortest project completion time possible
  • We make sure we have third party materials before starting each project to cut time

How the process begins

When your restoration begins, we will contact the client and give a time of an estimation of arrival; this is so the client is in on every single detail of the restoration. As mentioned, we stock up on supplies before hand so that there is no need to wait for other supplies to come in. That means that you can get back to being in the comfort of your own home within a short period of time and on your schedule.

But what if there’s an emergency?

Restoration 1 is equipped with a plan in case you have a short notice emergency. When you call R1 for an emergency water removal situation, we will send out a technician immediately to oversee the emergency at hand. When there, the service technician will see if it’s a one-man job or if it involves multiple hands to put it back together. We know that life has to go on and because we’re so flexible, we’re able to work around all types of schedules including work and school schedules.

Restore Your Property With Restoration 1

Why Choose Restoration 1?

  • Restoration 1

    "Absolute best contractors we have ever hired."

    - Maureen M.

  • Restoration 1

    "Great service is what I got."

    - Michael

  • Restoration 1

    "My air vents are clean and my son is healthy."

    - Shawn

  • Restoration 1

    "I think these guys are the best."

    - Jake M.

  • Restoration 1

    "But after Restoration 1 did their job, my kitchen looked like new again. I was so relieved"

    - Wanda

  • Restoration 1

    "They got rid of that gunk so thoroughly and quick it made my head spin."

    - Frank

  • Restoration 1

    "They are the utmost professionals and the only company I’d recommend to my friends and family."

    - Celina

  • Restoration 1

    "I’d recommend Restoration 1 to anybody!"

    - Dave

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