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When hiring a professional we all have a perfect image in our mind of how the service visit will go. Many times the actual visit does not go as smooth as we hope. This might be as simple as the equipment is not being kept in good working condition. Restoration 1 of Miami takes servicing equipment seriously.

Our professionals are certified by the IICRC to properly service all of our equipment. Equipment that is not maintained can cause the cleanup to take longer or even cause secondary damage. We hold ourselves to high standards to ensure your repairs are quick and complete.

Restoration 1 Miami prides itself on customer focus and reliability. Contact us today for a free quote and let us begin your Miami water restoration as soon as possible.

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Why Choose Restoration 1?

  • Restoration 1

    "They got rid of that gunk so thoroughly and quick it made my head spin."

    - Frank

  • Restoration 1

    "But after Restoration 1 did their job, my kitchen looked like new again. I was so relieved"

    - Wanda

  • Restoration 1

    "Great service is what I got."

    - Michael

  • Restoration 1

    "Absolute best contractors we have ever hired."

    - Maureen M.

  • Restoration 1

    "I think these guys are the best."

    - Jake M.

  • Restoration 1

    "They are the utmost professionals and the only company I’d recommend to my friends and family."

    - Celina

  • Restoration 1

    "I’d recommend Restoration 1 to anybody!"

    - Dave

  • Restoration 1

    "My air vents are clean and my son is healthy."

    - Shawn

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