Damage Prevention

Restoration1 urges you to take all necessary precautions, especially when you are not at home. There are a few simple things you should check before leaving your home, apartment, or place of business for an extended period of time. When you go on vacation, turn off the water to your washer while you’re out of town. Many homeowners have returned from vacation to find their washer hoses have burst, flooding their homes.

Damage Prevention procedures

Inspect pipes and fittings each year. Just as you change the batteries in your smoke detector each year, you should take a few minutes to inspect under sinks and around washing machines, lavatories, ice makers and water softeners. Inspect around your water heater, washer, dishwasher, sinks, lavatories and refrigerator icemaker. If hoses indicate wear, replace them. Consider replacing hoses to major appliances such as your washer and dishwasher every two to five years. Steel hoses have been shown to have a longer lifespan than other models.

Know where your water shutoff valve is located and be sure that the entire family knows how to shut off household water supplies in the event of a sudden pipe or hose break. Never leave the house with appliances, such as dishwashers, washers or dyers, still operating.