Insurance claims

Emergency situations are never easy to deal with, but here at Restoration 1 we have technicians and public adjusters to help during the entire restoration process. We have trained technicians to gather all of your insurance information after signing a contract with Restoration 1. We have public adjusters that will help communicate with your insurance carrier so you don't have to.

Restoration1 will try to collect all of the money necessary from your insurance carrier in order to complete all of your restoration needs. We do ask for a $400 deposit when we place any drying equipment in your house, apartment or place of business. Restoration 1 will later bill your deposit back to your insurance carrier. Some insurance companies are very difficult to deal with. At restoration 1 we have professional public adjusters with a wide knowledge of how the insurance industry works. Our adjusters will walk you through what needs to happen in any type of restoration emergency. They will also work with your insurance company in order to get the compensation needed to restore your property back to normal.